105 format

Historical Notes In 1898, booming out to the masses of photography Kodak introduced its first folding camera: the Folding Pocket Kodak was designed to produce images in a format very close to today’s 6×9 (5.5 x8 cm) . Looking at […]

Respool 828 roll

Among the most attractive cameras produced by Kodak are surely the 30’s Bantam Bellows: stylish and compact with characteristics of all respect for the time of production, these cameras used film inĀ  828 roll format, also called Bantam, a typical […]

Agilux Agiflash

HISTORY Agilux is a company established by AGI, the British entity specializing in the manufacture of instrumentation in support of military activities, with considerable attention in the field of optics; the subsidiary was founded just after the Second World War […]