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How to see - George nelson

How to see

How to see George Nelson is a guide to understand and codify symbols and signs in the reality that surrounds us.

Landscapes, interiors and some nudes

  Title Landscapes, interiors and some nudes Author Todd Hido Editions Aperture Year 2014 Format 19 x 25 cm Pages 128 Price

Discovering old cameras

  Title Discovering Old Cameras 1839-1939 Author Robert White Editions Shire Classic Year 1980-2001 Format 17.4 x 11.2 cm Pages 88 Price

Photography the Definitive Visual History

  Title Photography-The definitive visual history Author Tom Ang Editions Dorlin Kindersley Year 2014 Format 31 x 26 cm Pages 400 Price

Pinhole Cameras DIY Guide

  Title Pinhole cameras – a Do It Yourself guide Author Chris Keeney Edition Princeton Architectural Press Year 2011 Format 22,5 x


  Title Retromania Author Lawrence Harvey Editions Logos Year 2013 Format 15 x 21 cm Pages 176 Price 14.95 € Cover Cardstock

Way Beyond Monochrome (2ed)

  Title Way Beyond Monochrome Author Ralf Lambrecht, Chris Woodhouse Editions Focal Press Year 2010 Format 26 x 26 cm Pages 542

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