126 cameras with quality

Rolleiflex SL26

126 is not generally the film format which carry the finest quality but, there are some piece of equipment which are truly gems. You can see here some of them.

Quality 110 cameras

110  format has been always considered synonymous with low quality photography done especially for fun: small 100 box cameras have been for years one of the surprise gifts contained in bags of potato chips or as attachments to magazines for children. They were in fact simple plastic boxes with a 110 cartridge inside, which was often the only one that would never impressed by those cameras. Same way, “adults” products from the photographic industry for the 110 format have always…

Kodak cameras

Kodak, as well as being the largest film producer in the world, has played a key role in the production of cameras, often innovative and always aimed at the spread of photography in the areas most extensive, with many of them, especially in the late nineteenth century and the first thirty years of the twentieth century, were accompanied by the introduction of a new form of photographic film: it has almost always worked, except in some cases where the low…