The Cyanotype

In recent years, then, Cyanotype process is experiencing a new period of interest thanks to the possibility of using transparent inkjet-printed sheets and, therefore, printing all kinds of images

Found Films: separate site

Quando non c'era Photoshop

Given the continuous increase in the years of my found films collection and the long work of development, archiving and cataloging that, with slowness, is almost coming to an end, a subdomain dedicated to sharing only these images has been added and will progressively be filled up over the next few months to replace the found films section on this site. To access the new space click on the image below. The link will then be integrated into the new…

A trip through time

The magic of found films lies in the ability to see first what others people, often long before,  saw themselves and wanted to capture on film while preserving memories often lost for a long time; it is the case in this series of negatives, which tell the unfortunately incomplete story of a holiday trip made by an English family (estimate according to the provenance of the negatives) in Northern France in 1921 (the year was clearly shown). Here in addition…