Reversal films on the market

The revision of this document with respect to the version of 2010 has led to a massive reduction of products offer! First of all, the entire production of Kodak slides was interrupted with the official release of the March 1, 2012 and, to date, stocks are almost finished, and to this is added the scaling of supply of Fujifilm, which has streamlined the presence of both formats and emulsions (Sensia and Astia are no longer produced, Velvia 100 is going).

Regarding the minor producers, Rollei and Lomography are including in their portfolios films aimed at cross processing, while Agfaphoto maintains in the list only one configuration of its CT Precisa. Foma maintains its invertible BN R100 in different formats even though, unfortunately, does not offer the 120 roll. Most of the data sheets for these films can be accessed from the Download section of the site Italian Film Photography, while the others refer to the websites of the manufacturers.


Manufacturer Film Available formats
AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 135/36
Foma Fomapan R 100 (BN) 16mm SP, S8, DS8, 135/36
Fujifilm Velvia 50 135/36, 120, 4×5 “, 8×10”
Provia 100F 135/36, 120, 4×5 “, 8×10”, 135/30m
Provia 400X 135/36, 120
Peacock 200 110
X-Pro Chrome 100
X-Pro Slide 200
Rollei DigiBase CR 200 135/36, 120
Crossbird 200
135/36, 120, 127

As per 2015 new changes are coming: Fujifilm is cutting some formats on their slide offer and Agfaphoto CT Precisa appears to be disappearing. The Lomography Lomochrome Xpro 200 remains only in 135/36 format.

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