Rollei Colorchem C41

] Rollei Colorchem C41

The selection of chemicals for the home processing of color films is extended with an additional kit produced by Maco and marketed under the name Rollei Colorchem C41; the kit is complementary and not to replace the already present Digibase but, unlike this, is closer to that which currently appears to be the most sold kit, ie the Tetenal Colortec C41.

The Colorchem, in fact, comes as a kit in two baths, with bleaching and fixing combined into a single step, while in Digibase those are separated; currently is marketed in  1L, 2.5L and 5L packages, respectively, to treat up to 16, 40 and 80 films; particularly convenient from the economic point of view appears to be the  2,5L pack for which the theoretical expenditure is below 1 Euro per developed roll.

Operationally, the Rollei Colorchem C41 is used as any other kit for color film  homemade processing, with the new addition of 25°C working temperature to the classic 38 ° C and a rapid 45 ° C; it is something that will benefit those who have trouble keeping stable the standard temperature during development and those who dedicate themselves to home processing even in the winter months.

The kit is accompanied with instruction booklet with development times to vary according to the developed film (in this case, no distinction is made on sensitivity), the times of storage (in line with other kits) and the preparation mode.

From the first tests, results at 25 ° C seem to be correct:

Test Colorchem


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